Budget Review

For once pension legislation was not changed in the Chancellor’s recent Budget and we think it is good news that tax relief and annual allowances have not been altered. The Budget was relatively quiet with regard to Financial Services and the main beneficiaries will be ‘first time buyers’ who can save on Stamp Duty.

Post Election Updates

Now that the Conservatives are back in Government it has recently been confirmed that the Money Purchase Annual Allowance will be reduced to £4,000. This applies to the current financial year.

In addition, the Dividend Tax allowance will be reduced to £2,000 per annum from 6 April 2018.

The changes to Probate Fees have not yet been brought forward.

We will keep you informed.

Three Benefits of a Snap Election

Due to parliament being dissolved on 3rd May there was insufficient time for the entire finance bill to be passed. The following proposed changes will therefore, not be going ahead in the timescales previously planned:-

  • The fee payable with an application for probate was set to increase, in some cases considerably, from 1st May 2017.
  • Money purchase annual allowance for pension contributions was due to be decreased from £10,000 to £4,000 for those in drawdown.
  • The individual tax free allowance for Dividend income was set to be reduced from £5,000 to £2,000 pa, in April 2018.

New Client Log-in Page Now ‘LIVE’ – how to view joint/partner’s plans

If you are an existing client you are no doubt aware that you have the option to log-in and view the plans you hold with MJB via Web Portal on the ‘Client Log-in’ page of our website.

We have emailed all clients currently using this facility to inform you that for your added security this log-in page is changing to Wealth Platform.  It is located in the same place on our website menu.

The image we showed on the email was of a bridge with a sunset, however, this may appear as a blue sky with white clouds depending on the image you choose in the bottom left hand corner.  Don’t be alarmed..it’s the log-in box in the centre which is important.  We apologise in advance if for any reason you failed to receive the email notification.

You may be required to go though a new registration process, but please try your existing log-in details first to see whether they are functioning, before you re-register.  To improve security you may be required to include, not only an email address, but also a mobile number at some point during the registration process.  This is so that a set-up security code can be texted to you.

Please be assured that this is is purely an administration change and will have absolutely no impact on your holdings.

I trust that you will appreciate how important it is to have sensitive information kept secure and I hope the changeover will not cause you too much inconvenience.

If you wish to view your joint or your partner’s holdings please click on the bobble icon in the top right hand corner of your Wealth Platform page (it has a picture of a person). Click the drop-down arrow and choose ‘My Preferences’, tick ‘Include Joint’ and/or ‘Include Partner’ and ‘Save’.  You only have to do this once, however, if you and your partner log-in independently and you both wish to see each other’s holdings, you will both need to tick these boxes and save.  


If you do have any problems with accessing this, please either phone the office on 01243 771777 or email your designated Adviser on the relevant email address below…

bryan@mjbpartnership.co.uk  mark@mjbpartnership.co.uk james@mjbpartnership.co.uk  trevor@mjbpartnership.co.uk

Autumn Statement 2016

Chancellor Phillip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Statement on 23 November 2016.

Following is an overview of the main points which apply to Financial Planning:

  • From the 6 April 2017 the personal Income Tax Allowance will increase to £11,500 and the point at which the higher rate of income tax will apply will increase to £45,000. By the end of this parliament the government will meet its commitment to increase the personal allowance to £12,500 and the point at which the higher rate of income tax will apply will rise to £50,000.
  • The money purchase annual allowance will be reduced from £10,000 to £4,000 from April 2017. The aim of this change is to minimise the recycling of pension savings. The government are consulting on the detail of this.
  • From June 2017 the rate of insurance premium tax, which is the tax applied to ‘general insurance’, will increase from 10% to 12%.
  • The ISA limit will increase from £15,240 to £20,000 in April 2017.

Scrapped Annuity Resale Plans

The secondary annuity market was originally supposed to be launched in April 2016, but was later pushed back to 2017.  Given the potential problems with this, it comes as no surprise to MJB that the plan has now been scrapped by the Government.  It would seem that we we’re not alone in our concerns…

John Lawson (Head of Policy Retirement Solutions at Aviva) said: “Our concern was about ensuring good outcomes and the right level of protection for customers. Selling back an income for life would have been a major decision needing crystal clear advice and in many cases may not have been in the customer’s best interests.”

Should this plan have gone ahead there was the likelihood of retirees receiving poor value for their annuities.  There was also possibility that the lump sum would be used up too quickly at the outset leaving little funds available to enjoy retirement.

Annuities may still be the best option for some people as they reach retirement.  The important thing is to take advice at this point.  We would be more than happy to assist.

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